Last night, went to Helvetica, a documentary about, well, the ubiquitous Helvetica. Brought to town by the local chapter of the AIGA, it was shown at the Santa Fe Film Center, formerly the Cinema Café (so the seating is all sofas with coffee tables).

The design blogs have abuzz about this for more than a year, so I'd heard plenty about it. Figured we go check it out and show our support for type geekery.

The film is approachable enough for the layman, but its real audience is other designers. It addresses Helvetica's history, shows plenty of examples of its presence in urban environments around the world, and interviews a cross section of graphic design's "superstars." We enjoyed it well enough, learned some new historicial details, had a few laughs, but I wonder what the reaction from the average viewer would be.

(Still working on the Zozobra photo post; current hangup is posting video.)


andy said...

I hear Q was Oscar worthy.

Jim said...

Loved "m", hated "r".

Raphael Della Ratta said...

Oh, I don't know: I'd say all the characters played to type.

Jim said...

I was particularly impressed by the performance of Omar Serif.

monica said...

the poster should have said
"meet the characters"