Nambe Falls

Yesterday we headed out to Nambé Falls, a trip that we tried to get to some time ago. Poking around a pile of brochures the other day, found one for the Falls that noted it closed down after labor day.

The drive's a nice one, up north and through the pueblo. We parked and hit the trail. It's straight up, but pretty short — maybe 20-25 minutes.

Nice views, pretty out there. But didn't go far toward working off our Santa Fe Baking Company breakfast burritos. Hopped back in the car, drove around the lake there, and then took the scenic route via Chimayo back up to Tsankawi.

A little stroll there, watching the thunderstorms off in the Sangres and the Jemez. On the drive back home, the rain hit us. But it was light enough that we decided to stop off at the Tesuque Pueblo Flea Market. It had either rained heavily there earlier, everyone there shuts down at the slightest precipitation, or they knew what was coming, because most of the vendors were closed.

Back home, cleaned up, and brought Sabine back. See, we've figured out most of The Game — it's less about fetching or chasing, and more about ambushing. She likes to pounce on the unsuspecting ball from her hiding place. Though rooting about for it when she left it on the corner of the yard, that's when she found the yellowjackets.* She was pretty well freaked, we found 4 in her fur over the course of about 15 minutes. She slunk back inside, lay in the corner. Don't know now if she was still recovering, or if she could sense the thunderstorm and torrential downpour that came soon after.

Today, a stroll to get some coffee and a walk through the neighborhoods. Spent the day unpacking and hanging/placing some art, cleaning.

* Found them in an old railroad tie that marks the border of one of the gardens. Beginning to think that's what I bumped when mowing.


pagalina said...

Now I know why you moved to NM, Monica... so you could wear COWBOY hats... dooode!

Raphael Della Ratta said...

Late, but hopefully still helpful:

"Take off, nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

Raphael Della Ratta said...

Talking about the yellowjackets, I was, you see.