Zozobra Tonight!

OK, so for the first time since the move, I'm not traveling for work and will be able to make it to Zozobra. We're off to collect Serena in a bit and then head over to the park.

I just really wanted an excuse to post those tickets — with a couple umlauts, that "Zozobra" would make an excellent logo for a heavy metal band. Maybe not as good as Bigg Nife or Limozeen, but still.

And only a 40% chance of rain tonight!

Update: no rain, way less effort than 4th of July on the Mall with just about as good fireworks, and way, way, more cathartic.


paulBob said...

"Among the firsts this year were the use of metal detectors at the entrances to screen for weapons, and guards also searched for alcohol. Police reported no violent incidents, although they said at least two intoxicated people were taken by ambulance to the hospital."

Anything you want to share with us?

On Behalf of Timmay said...

"While his eyes weren't as dynamic as in recent years, his flailing arms and pleading groans were among the best in memory."

At my house, we call this "Tuesday."