for years

Well, since we posted one last year, and since there are a couple up over at the View from Mars this year, I thought we should post up a different (non-wedding) photo. More to the point, I decided that I needed to take a new photo. Just for this post. Right now, dangit!

I'm so lucky that Bram puts up with my looniness. And that I can still make him laugh:

And here — because it's what Bram wanted to do instead of taking wacky a self-portrait — are some prairie dogs:


pagalina said...

awww saWEEET!!! smooooooch! :)

sherry said...

Oh... it seems like just yesterday, except it wasn't as hot and humid yesterday as it was on the day of the wedding! Congratulations to you both!

jraphael said...

Is this 3 or 4 years? "In all the excitement I've kind of lost track."

monica said...

the filenames are kissy_01 and kissy_02. [sigh] once a code geek, always a code geek.

I think the Amazon rainforest wasn't as hot and humid as that day!

dang, I knew I should have made the post title "fo(u)r years"

Paul Bob said...

Bram and Mon:

Congratulations! More tongue next time, okay? This is the internet, after all...

Love and sloppy kisses,

Paul, Tess and AC (Nanners and Tedster, too!)

Mouse Jockey said...

Congrats!!!! I can't believe it has been that long, it seems like yesterday we were all out on that hot, humid day....oh that's right, I WASN'T INVITED!!!!!! I'm sorry, I had to do it. It made me giggle out loud, sorry. Really.... Congratulations! : ]

monica said...

Paul Bob:
No one wants to see that.
Not even the interwebs.

the only thing I regret about our wedding was inviting, er, that woman, and not inviting Page, Frank, and, uhm... who else was it...?

dj lil'e said...

you look really adorable as prairie dogs... just kidding - CONGRATS!!! You all are cute, cute, cute.

pagalina said...

oh yeah. i was trying to remember what must have prevented me from going to their wedding, and now I remember, I WASN'T INVITED!!! now the harsh memories come flooding back. ha! didn't invite you either! ha! :)