new patterns and a Canadian

I have a three color variants of this new design up for scoring now at N+A. After selling nothing but your choice of five one-hundred-dollar-ties, they've finally got some new stuff for sale: wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is back, my friends. Do any of you out there have traumatic childhood memories of wallpaper? iridescent metallic? floral patterns bigger than your head? "accent" walls? flocked? [shudder]

My current design hero over at N+A is a Canadian! named Ray Fenwick. His work is f-ing awesome. His stuff is really quirky, and hand-drawn, and usually typographic. He's a letterpress printer and designer and type geek from Winnipeg. They picked one of his patterns for the new wallpaper, and while I think he totally deserved it, check out his original color scheme, compared with the wallpaper for sale.



pagalina said...

damn, you beat me to the punch on raving about Ray. I actually sent him a fan email last week. I'm SUCH a design geek. check out his shirts on threadless and his flickr streams. totally awesome! :)

andy said...

I voted on these things and what I don't understand is how the most boring designs are chosen. They picked only the tie designs I would not buy. And you're right about the color, Mon.

monica said...

yeah, his stuff is wicked cool.

I have no idea how they choose the winners either. Reading tea leaves? Sacrificial entrails diving?