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Jett and Shriek hipped us to the DeVotchKa show (with Thriftsore Cowboys) at Santa Fe Brewing Company last night. Great music, outside at sunset and then under the stars. DeVotchKa bills themseves as "Eastern Bloc Indie Rock," but that's kind of selling themselves short. With accordion, upright bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, violin, theremin, and sousaphone, they made a wall of sound that just sweeps you off. The lead singer sounded at times like Jim Morrison, Brendan Perry, Bryan Ferry, and Bono.

When they finally tie the knot, Jett and Shriek have declared that DeVotchKa will play at their wedding.

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Bram said...

There just aren't enough accordion solos these days.

Over at MySpace, you can download a couple songs from both DeVotchKa and Thriftstore Cowboys.