Had some Enchiladas of the Apocalypse, then took the dog across the river to get a better "view" of the eclipse. A lovely walk in the shade, especially since the unseasonably warm weather is already getting too hot for her.

Lessee … James Gleick was in town to talk on Wednesday night. It was a brief — just under 30 minutes — talk, plus about 20 minutes of Q&A. And kinda tough to sum up what it was about. Monica noted it was like a preface to The Information, a book that I struggled through, finding far less accessible than his others.

Meet and greet yesterday, plantings have been going on, a more-than-full day helping out at the Santa Fe Challenge last Saturday. Printed up a bunch of cards on Friday to take to ACE. Since there won't be any new comics.


Update: time lapse of the Santa Fe Challenge, courtesy of Barry at ACFA.

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