Saturday Studio Visit

Yesterday, cleared (and not too cold) from the storm, over to Tim's studio. In exchange for Monica designing and programming his Web site, she got to select one of his paintings.

Their house is in another Stamm neighborhood is full of art and has a great mod-influenced aesthetic. Tim's got a small freestanding studio in the back yard.

Monica had gotten a preview and was most interested in one of his colorbands series. Tim pulled a bunch, and we both immediately went to two of them — and then spent about a half-hour, chatting and making small talk and trying to figure out which one to take. Tim's also a DJ, the studio walls are lined with vinyl, so a little old Cocteau Twins was our soundtrack.

Though our other choice was already framed, we decided on Malaga II:

The rest of the day at the monthly 7000 BC meeting — for the first time at the library, which has an awesome meeting room that looks to be perfect for this year's goal of having more working meetings.

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