food experiment: fig salami

While searching for recipes for something else, I came upon mentions of (and recipes for) fig salami. I decided I would try this one from the Kitchn.

Here's the first part: de-stemming and cutting up a pound of dried Mission figs, and leaving them to soak with some rosemary, mulling spices, and orange zest in red wine.

A week later: fishing out the spices and rosemary, pouring off the wine, buzzing the figs in the food processor with salt and black pepper, adding chopped toasted walnuts, and rolling into four cheesecloth-covered logs.

Now we have to wait a month, while they dry out (in the fridge). February 21. Every time I open the refrigerator, it smells like red wine.


dori said...

I'm definitely checking back in on February 22. My brain is stalling out trying to imagine what fig salami would taste like. Do you eat it with cheese? Sliced thin with mustard on crispy crackers? Right out of the fridge like raw cookie dough? I've got so many synapses firing right now I may need to lie down.

monica said...

Yes, with cheese, like as part of a cheese platter. I'd read the recipe, and thought "that's interesting, but waiting a whole month?" But then I went to party where someone brought one of these and it was AWESOME with cheese. So I was inspired.

monica said...

Also forgot to add: that fig and almond thing I linked to? Super dense and almost impossible to cut. I dunno if it was maybe old/stale? Or the hostess had dull knives? I'm hoping the salami will be a little softer.

monica said...

Also also: here's a link to the follow-up post from the Kitchn on the finished salami.