The Celebrations

So, couple Saturdays ago, one of the stops was at NMFF where Chas had set up a photo studio, taking portraits of the club's fencers. Here's mine.

The other photo I was hoping to get was from our earlier stop at Sanbusco Center. We were headed to Teca Tu and came across the end of a Santa Fe — Buy Into It Event. We were approached by Mayor David Coss; we'd recently read how he had lost his Greyhound, and he wanted to meet Cheyenne. There was an event photographer who got us all, but she hasn't gotten back to me.

Snow arrived the Tuesday night before Christmas and continued on into Wednesday, totaling about 6". Bitter temperatures ensured that some of that stuck around for Christmas, though the sun did clear away a fair amount. M+D braved the cold for the Canyon Road Farolito Walk while we stayed safely inside with Mai Tais and prepared the evening's posole. They kicked off the holiday the old traditional way …

by giving the dog a Santa to chew on. M had so many stuffies and treats that we took to calling her The Cookie Lady; Cheyenne took to following her around whenever she had closed hands.

M+D arrived Christmas morning and we prepared a plate of sweets and of the pastries from Clafoutis.

Yes, she did share.

Presents of warm clothing and adirondack chairs that'll have to wait until it warms up outside. We got them some team hoodies …

and somehow our dog managed to order a book for us.

Relaxing, a bit of dog walking, then off to Stacy and Jim's for Christmas merriment and dinner. They were good enough to invite all of us over for a great time with some wonderful food.

Monica had made Cheyenne a fancy holiday jingle collar — and one for Brenda Lee as well. At least they didn't have to wear antlers.


Eased out of the holidays, then saw them off Monday morning for an uneventful return home. Back to work for us, though I cut the week short when I got some of the cold that's been going around the office. Meant a more mellow New Year's Eve than usual, but I'm about back to normal today. It's still a lazy day … but it might be time for a trip to the dog park now.

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Stacy said...

wow what a great post...I feel like I was actually there!