Sunday Morning in the Dog Park with Shadow

We'd talked for a while with James about getting our dogs together at the dog park at Santa Fe Animal Shelter for a while. The weather forecast sounded good — but, in practice, it may have been temperate, but it was windy out there. We were huddling behind the junipers to eat our bagels; the dogs didn't seem to mind.

We started off in one of the private fields. Shadow loves to run and play and is very obedient; most of our activity centered around trying to get Cheyenne — who still kind of stands around at the dog park, wondering what to do — to chase after Shadow. We spread out and called to Shadow, which would get Cheyenne to run after her.

They tussled and played a bit, I was worried that Cheyenne was getting a bit too pushy, but Shadow can handle herself. I choose to believe that they kinda like each other.

Cheyenne tired fairly quickly, so we headed over to the big park and just walked around there. Some other dogs appeared, Cheyenne got a second wind, there was more playing and some nervous-making runs at other smaller dogs. Met and talked with some other interesting folks — including a fellow there with his dog, who was awfully skittish around us all because she was just one month … umm … liberated … from an abusive owner. Out for about two and-a-half hours before calling it a day.

As I was writing this post up, received some of the 100+ photos James shot; he was using a nice SLR and was more attentive to getting the good shots. He notes "Shadow looks terrified, she is going to be mistaken for a rabbit," but I stand by that earlier statement that they're buddies. Click for larger.



It was a weekend of chores; back home to do household stuff and work on the garden. Yesterday was more preparations for spring, but we took Cheyenne to the park across the river. It was gray and cold and windy … so there was nobody in the tennis courts. We did a little warmup for today's activities.

Dinner that evening, we needed a break, so headed out to La Dolce Vita for dinner, (the old Ferragamo's under somewhat new ownership). And David was there as "gelato-ologist, passing along granita samples for the evening, and helping out with the tables of kids there before prom.

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