Due to appear on Mouth of Wonder on KSFR, Saturday 10:30 MST. It's pledge season, so we're going to be doing our part to get some more contributions to the radio station. If you were to, say, pledge now, there's a chance they could meet their goal and we'd get to do a regular show (for which we'd be spectacularly unprepared).


This week's Santa Fe Reporter has an article where the staff has arranged for special deals at local merchants. One of the few that's applicable to me is the offer at Ecco Espresso & Gelato, a free coffee if you recite a haiku that contains the words "ninja" and "nimble." I'm going in tomorrow with:

Ninja at self-serve
accidentally decaf
now, not so nimble.


As previously noted, NMFF has some internationally ranked fencers, Jake Harbour and Gavin Medley. They're off to Belfast for the 2009 Junior & Cadet World Championships with their coach Jamey Odom as one of the team's coaches. It's a really big deal, a great showing for New Mexico — so Governor Richardson wanted to wish them well.


M's been working on a Irish fisherman's sweater for Cheyenne for a couple months now. She shipped it a couple weeks ago, and just when we were beginning to worry if it was going to show, it arrived — with its matching snood. And just in time for a cold, gray evening's walk.

The snood was determined, along the way, to not work so well over the ears; it's better as a turtleneck, though not nearly as funny.


Stacy said...

Brenda lee is upset.That is just wrong. Doesn't this dog have any rights?

Bram said...

Are your sure Brenda Lee's not just jealous of Cheyenne's stylin' new head- and/or neckwear?

You might need to talk to Bernice about getting her a snood of her own ....