Denver and the ComicFest

A long weekend — but still a short trip — to Denver this past weekend. A group of comic fans/writers/reporters/podcasters presented the inaugural ComicFest, giving the Rockies its first comic convention. 7000 BC was invited to be guests at the show, and Jeff was able to make it along with us.

He was getting a later flight, so Monica and I made it into DIA Friday around noon, allowing us a little time to head downtown to the Denver Art Museum before the show got underway that evening.

We'd seen the forecast and were expecting snow for our arrival; when we got there, it was gray and windy and overcast, and the monitors at the car rental were looking grim.

But, for us, a bit of rain (which is kind of a welcome change; I think I've noted [and perpetually think I'm going to do an essay about how] I kind of enjoy the odd dreary day now). Made our way downtown to the museum.

To The Psychedelic Experience exhibit. I'd planned to spend the afternoon at the museum since we booked the flights, but when I learned that it was hosting the only appearance of the largest-ever collection of concert posters from San Francisco in the '60s, I was determined to get there.

And the show didn't disappoint. I figured that it'd get old pretty quick, how many of these groovy posters can you take? The intro set the scene and introduced the personalities involved, then the focus of the exhibit shifted to the individual artists (or teams). And, again, just when you think it would start to get old, it moved on to another. It was a great time and the crowd-watching was even better than at the usual museum.

The educational portion, with its setup like an apartment in Haight-Ashbury, after gave us the opportunity to watch the colored water show projected on the wall, take in some tunes, flip through old magazines, and look all peace and love-y.

We had a little while after we finished that show, but a look out the window showed how much the conditions were changing outside, turning to snow and sticking. A few minutes for quick tour of some of the permanent collection and a quick look at the Sandy Skoglund installation.

Off on the road to the hotel; reasonably well through the with slushy roads filled with commuters leaving work early. It was never bad, and, these days, we're interested in checking out the downtowns of "real" ciites.

Slow, a bit tense, and when we got to the convention hotel, once we determined they had all the necessary amenities, figured we just might not even step outside for the rest of the weekend. Which, other than grabbing some air late Saturday, we didn't do.

Jeff arrived without too much delay, we took it easy and got a late-ish start to setting our table up. We really lucked out with our location, even though it was right next to a door in the guest/artist alley hallway. Evening was slow, but everyone was impressed with how many made it through the weather to the fairly remote location. Stayed up way too late visiting with a bunch of other comics creators (including Stan, who we've met at cons for years but never got to hang out with).

And Saturday, got to business.

The weather continued to be rough, but there was a steady stream of people stopping by, all with different sorts of interests. We were workin' but there was time for Monica to duck away for a mehndi painting. Big, big bonus points for identifying the source.

Though it didn't feel like it was adding up, but the afternoon's total of sales showed that we were having a successful time. By 6:00, we were ready to wrap up at the unenforced end time and went out on a high note.

Now, ever since I saw the South Park episode featuring Casa Bonita years ago — and then Googling to discover that it wasn't something they just made up for the show, I've wanted to go. Saturday night was supposed to be our trip there … but it was still nasty out, we were tired … we rested up in our room for a few minutes then headed downstairs to see who else would be hanging out … inertia set in, and we wound up just staying in the hotel visiting with other comics folks through the night.

Sunday, despite our best efforts, we got a slow start to setting up the table. But there was business, a fair amount of people who had just come to the show that day, and we connected with I Want More Comics, which was interested in carrying our books.

A mad flurry of activity getting out around noon to catch our flight, during which, while trading comics with Stan, I asked him about that oh-so-familiar nose on the Making A Mini Comic: The Mini-Comic cover; as he ran off to a panel, he confirmed that Dot is a Greyhound. Good thing we learned at the last minute, otherwise that would've been dominating the conversation for the weekend. Jeff stayed behind for a few more hours with Chuck and Jake to wrap our appearance up.

Home, where there was apparently around 6" of snow over the weekend — though it was sunny and all melted by the time we arrived. Cheyenne enjoyed another weekend with her Greyhound buddies, apparently having gotten into a running fit on Friday night and hanging out at the monthly GCNM meetup.

More photos from the Con are at the 7000 BC Flickr stream and some more professional-type pictures (though lacking in, y'know, us, but look for those cool couple fisheye ones) are at Anginet's site; go to proofs and then "Comicfest 2009."

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