As D noted in the Comments, apparently a group of Greyhounds is called a leash.

And there you go, at the top. The leash from today's GCNM Adoption Clinic. A lighter turnout than last month (and three dogs had already left by the time that photo was taken), both in the participants and passersby.

But it was still a fun time, everyone happy to see Cheyenne doing so well. We got to spend some time with Tina, who has Cheyenne's littermate Aztec.

Cheyenne, as with most dogs — and maybe moreso with her big brother — was ambivalent at best.

But she did get along with the rest of the leash, was very good and tolerant of all the little kids, and spent most of the day (as she did previous times), lying on some other dog's bed.

It was, however, a draining day for all of us (and I was up for saber at NMFF this morning). By this evening, though, we were all ready for a nice walk. It's undeniably spring here now, all bright and warm and welcoming and our apricot tree is blooming and hasn't been killed by the snow yet but there's still time. I mean, we kicked off sandal season today and headed out for a stroll.

Our route took us by Shelby and David's; when they saw us passing and came out with the kids to see us and meet the dog.

We visited for a bit, checked out their new raised beds. Cheyenne was just really, really, really interested in the chickens.

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PaulBob said...

You know, dogs love chickens. They taste like...um...well...chickens!