Dog Park! Now, with actual running!

Spring seems to have come early to Santa Fe — it's welcome, but we could use the water that more snow would bring. But, we'll see … plenty of time for it to turn again.

Brunch with James downtown, then a visit to the museums for a whirlwind tour of Through The Lens, Pulling Strings, and Alternative Spaces.

With the afternoon free and a sunny day, we drove Cheyenne over to the dog park at the Santa Fe Humane Society. We took her there New Year's afternoon; they have a big, fenced 22-acre space for all the dogs, and then a few smaller runs reserved for one group. We spent some time in the latter that day, with a dog who had no clear idea what she was supposed to be doing there, and not really enjoying the mud and ice on the ground.

Started off in one of the private parks again and actually got her to run — something we've not gotten to see yet — a bit between us, or when chasing a ball (though, then, only as fast as the ball and stopping when it did). So we moved over to the big group park.

Where she did fine, having a good time walking around the edges. She did kind of have a fondness for chasing after the smaller dogs (y'know, the prey animal sized ones) and could get a little rough when there was a scrum of activity around them. But she handled herself well, ran and frolicked around, chased the odd ball, and really wore herself out over the course of the couple hours we were there. We visited with plenty of nice dog owners and a wild assortment of pets, from the about-to-be-retired assistance Golden Retriever to the scrappy, one-eyed little (and I mean little) Rocket, to the rescued Westy, to the "family" of Husky-oids.

A lot of fun to have her off leash, to see what she does (and learn not to worry too much about it), and watch her run. I think we may have seen a bit of her going almost all-out — which is more than enough to leave us in the dust. Literally.


Pogo said...

Hey, do you have squirrles in New Mexico? Maybe them funny bat-eared ones? I bet they taste good!


Cheyenne said...

Hai Pogo!

Yes we haz sqirrelz here -- short, furry guyz, big earz. Had fun chasin one at teh dog park.

Tho mai hoomans kept callin it a "corgi."