(Spent last weekend in Austin at STAPLE! — another great time with some terrific people — and out at Carol and Doug's. More to come later, including pictures of the tractor and the vineyard there.)


M & D M said...

Merely circumstantial!!

Anyone could have left the favorite toy on the bed - or carefully sculpted the imprint of a recumbent greyhound into the sheets.

Where's the DNA?

Bram said...

OK, too much CSI for you.

The other morning, I left the dog on her bed in the living room, pining away for us.

I dropped by bags in my car and realized I forgot something, headed right back inside and found this.

Mando said...

What puppy wants, puppy gets. LOL Uma was known to fake a "mommy, I need to go outside" maneuver so she could then double back and dive under the bed covers where it was warm and cozy. The little trickster!