Well, That Could've Gone Better

A little fencing competition over at Prep today, right here in town. Registration closed at the very civilized hour of 1:00, so there was no needing to get up early and on the way before sunrise or anything.

There was some decent attendance from out of the area, especially for such a small event. Figured I had a good shot at doing well, and with some of our A-rated fencers, a good opportunity to increase my own classification.

The pools were easy and fast; my first direct elimination is someone I regularly fence at the club. My next DE was a kid that I've beaten before, and was fairly confident about defeating again. Not to take anything away from him — he was really on today — but I kept giving him opportunities and failing to capitalize on ones he have me. I came back, we were tied at 14 after the end of the first period, but I'd made too many mistakes, should've been in a better position by then, and he got me with a good, clean shot. Dumb.

Update: final NMFF standings; I ended up about where I was seeded at the beginning.

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