For Thanksgiving dinner, we were invited to join the party over at Stacy and Jim's. There was quite a gathering, including several of their friends and co-workers (including one who made the trip from Brooklyn), and Stacy's newly relocated mom.

The meal, was, of course, wonderful — most of it from Stacy's catering kitchen, but also included artichoke pie imported from New York and Bernice's legendary Potato Nick.

A terrific time with a great group of people. Much laughing and enjoying the wonderful meal.


By the time we were heading out, around 1030, it had begun snowing. This morning, we've got maybe two inches on the ground, with the possibility of another one accumulating with snow showers during the day.

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dori said...

god, that looks really good. I had three separate Tgiving dinners on three subsequent nights, yet I could tuck into another one right now with no problem. That one looks particularly good!