Happy Birthday, Monica

. . . yesterday. We headed out to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument to see it in the snow.

On the trail around 1100, a fair number of other folks out there as well. It looked like there was more snow on the ground than the 2-3" we got in town; odd, 'cause Kasha-Katuwe is off the mesa, probably about 1000' below Santa Fe, and consistently warmer. There were also all sorts of drifts where the snow fell down the canyon and blew against the walls.


The snow had settled into the striations and crevasses along the canyon walls and on the tent rocks, lingering where the sun wasn't melting it. Made for some beautiful patterns all along the trail.


Temperature must've been around freezing, but warmed in the sun. In the shadows of the canyon we felt the cold, but even the trip up to the top of the mesa wasn't bad, and with less wind than we've experienced in the past.

Still, we didn't linger long at the top. Colder on the trip back, more in shadow and wet from scrambling up and down the snowy trail. Parking lot was pretty filled up, lots of people arriving and setting out as we were leaving.

Continued on to Albuquerque to check out some furniture stores, trying to figure out what to do with the fireplace room. We tested it out on Friday, and it'll be a nice place to sit and read, once we get some decent chairs in there.

Hearty pork loin and roasted root vegetable dinner at home.


Happy birthday also to BJ! You still out there? You know how to get in touch.

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Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Monica! I know I'm late as usual.
As for chairs, the "buster" from restoration hardware is very very comfortable... induces naps in several of our family members.