...And The Party

So, it seems that, like M and unlike Andy, kids come from around town to our neighborhood for trick or treating. Around 8:00, we were down to our last five pieces. I answered the door and gave the girl there two; should've just dumped 'em all in, because I was left with the fear that we'd get a crowd of more than three. So we hung the "Sorry! We ran out of candy! Come back next year!" sign on the door. I think there was only one or two more groups out there. Anyway, it was time to get dressed for Serena and Jett's annual party.

For the third year, I went as Señor Muerto. I think that qualifies as a tradition. And, as I had to explain a few times last night, it's a different design every year. This time, it was based on the little guy below.


Monica, wisely, created a costume that wouldn't involve 30 minutes of face scrubbing at the end of the night.

There was quite a spread of sweets and treats at the party. A parade of some pretty great costumes. Serena and Jett were kinda doing a mythological theme, as Medusa and the Minotaur (with the homemade paper maché helmet).



SantaFeKate said...

In our neighborhood (Nava Ade) I had 12-15 kids. It surprises me because it's a development of 450+ homes and there are a lot of kids here. I took the leftover candy (of which there was a lot!) to work and it was set upon by hungry college students!

P.S. Loved the pumpkin!

dori said...

all I did was dig through Catie's dress-up box. I settled on a headband with floppy bunny ears, rubbed a black eyeliner pencil over my the tip of my nose, and voila! halloween costume. now I see perhaps I underachieved somewhat...