Back to DC for SPX

So, then, two weeks back we left M+D+S behind in Santa Fe and set out back to the Mid-Atlantic.

I left Tuesday for business. And, other than one of my suit jackets disappearing from my hotel room, it all went well, and managed to get away for a bit to visit with Erin and Andy. Monica headed out Wednesday and stayed with her parents.

And Friday afternoon we met up in North Bethesda for SPX to staff the 7000 BC table.

Our table was in the row with our old friends from the DC Conspiracy, right next to Matt.

By the time we were all set up, the show had already started. So we started talking to folks, pitching the books. And almost immediately met two folks who had just flown in from Albuquerque that afternoon. It ran until 8:00 that evening, and people were in the hall until the very end. It was a whirlwind start, and really successful. We headed out for dinner with some of the DCC folks, and then off to Matt and Carol's for the night.

The next morning, we got to visit a bit before dashing off back to the show. The day flew by, a steady stream of people stopping by the table, talking, buying. We just about sold out of the Raised By Squirrels we brought, along with the Death, Cold As Steel — we actually sold one after they were gone (along with a promise to ship), to a guy who saw someone else reading it. Overall, it was the best show we ever had, and the best show the group ever had, with plenty of sales for every title we had.


We also got to talk to all sorts of great folks and other creators. One of the undeniable high points was getting to meet DC-area-based cartoonist Richard Thompson (whose Cul de Sac and Richard's Poor Almanack can, finally, be found on the the washingtonpost.com's comics page). Got to tell him how much we liked his work, how happy we were that he was syndicated and on a regular web page — and get him to do a drawing for us (click for larger).

Towards the end of the day, Raphael made it there.

We headed out to Raph + Char's then off to dinner at the club, a great chance to unwind and catch up some. Because we were off again on Sunday morning to get home.

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