Back from SPX

We're back from our whirlwind couple days in the DC area. The work portion of my trip went well, Mon had a good time with her parents, and I managed a brief visit with Erin and Andy.

Then we had a terrific couple of days representing 7000 BC at SPX. We had record sales for the group and for us, selling out of a couple of our titles. Caught up with a few old friends from the DCC. And we had a great time staying with Matt and Carol, and then Raph and Char. Too short a time.

We'll do some updates soon, including the wrap-up of my parents' visit. For a look at the show, there's a few photos from Matt, we make an appearance at The Comics Curmudgeon's blog, and the Newsarama blog has a photo essay.


dori said...

such goings on!

pagalina said...

Am i a geek cause I'm all impressed that monica knows the comic curmudgeon? i think i'm starstruck!

monica said...

Josh is the nicest! He sells shirts (and other Cafe Press merch) with the Aldomania logo I did. You didn't miss the whole Aldo thing last summer, did you???