Out and About on Saturday

The Golf Is (Kinda) Back, Better Than Ever

Picked up the car from the body shop on Friday; there's, apparently, still some stuff under the bumper that needs to be replaced. But I needed to get to the airport for press check this week. So it goes back for the finishing touches later.

Speaking of finishing touches, I figure that the new quarter-panel was so white and shiny that they kind of repainted some of the things around it. The door's pinstripes have been painted over and the molding replaced, and both it and the hood look awfully shiny. And those little plastic parts that cover the tow hooks that I lost long ago in the car wash are back. It's like having 1/3 of a new car!

And I'm Sure They Appreciate It

The Curtain Wall At The Post Office Makes For Nice Patterns


Off in North Carolina for the quarterly press check. Bumped from one leg of the flight yesterday, so got to Greensboro by way of La Guardia. About seven ours after I was supposed to. The less said about the whole day, the better.

I do, however, have the camera for this trip. So those of you who have never seen a 8 6-unit perfecting Heidelberg web press will get the chance. When I get back. I left the cable to connect to the computer at home.


Some Subaru Driver said...

Welcome back, Golf Ball!

I'm glad you have not removed the Arlington County window stickers.

Bram said...

I'm not sure I can — such an annual ordeal, out some cold November night, banging my knuckles on the dashboard, scraping the window with a utility knife blade, trying to clear away enough of last year's Arlington decals to get this year's on.

So those — and the Colonial Village (apartments) sticker, turned pretty much white by the sun — will remain.