On The Radio

Monica's going to be a guest host on Mouth of Wonder on KSFR, Saturday morning at 11:30 MST. You can catch the streaming audio — and if you can figure out a way to record an MP3 of it, we'll post it here.

Andy's will be in Santa Fe this weekend, on the way from one business trip to another. We'll see if we can make it to the studio to catch the broadcast.

Update 3/24: Looks like they've recently started podcasting the show, so if you can't catch the streaming version (and M+D are reporting problems with that this morning), hopefully you can hear that. Also: Andy's safely here. And also: snow!


Paul said...

Monica hosting something called "Mouth of Wonder." Hmmm. Nope, can't think of a single joke there. I got nuthin'.

AJ said...

Shouldn't it be Mouths (plural)?

M & J said...

Dear Webgoddess. Classy radio presence & style. Looking forward to your next appearance.

Bram said...

AJ — great to hear from you again. I sent an email to your (old?) address. Get in touch with me, same old email address.