in case you haven't heard yet...

I'm now working full-time for the State of New Mexico, Department of Cultural Affairs, Museum Resources Division doing graphic design for museum exhibits: stuff on the walls at the exhibits themselves; supporting marketing material; gallery guides; ads; signage; etc.

Since I have just publicly announced my place of employment, and have no intention of being dooced, you will find only positive and/or non-specific references to my job here.

I started, uhm, sometime in February, my boss + coworkers are nice, and the window in my office gives me a great view of all the tourists who stop to take pictures of and/or climb on the big covered wagon sculpture group at the entrance to Museum Hill.

I've named my desk "the battleship" — it's 7 feet wide, clanky, grey-green metal with a "wood" formica top, and I picked it out myself from the New Mexico State Furniture Surplus Warehouse. I was ably assisted by an older gentleman who also showed me the surlpus Surplus Warehouse — an old Quonset hut (out behind the main warehouse) full of busted out windows, birds, critters, and other, even weirder surplus furniture.


Undetermined said...


Congratulations, in a totally nonspecific, neutral and legally nonbinding way!

Paul or not Paul

"The Bip" said...

Yes. Congrats on the new gig! :) Anchor's away and happy sailing!

(Um... Are you going to start talking like a pirate at work, and maybe wear an eye patch too? Cause that would be like cool, ey?)

Sherry said...

Congratulations Monica! BTW you only have to talk like a pirate on Sept. 19th... Hope this whole job thing won't interfere with you're sharing pictures.