'Round about this time last week, we were off in Phoenix, staffing the 7000 BC table at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon. Their last show was September, but they wanted to make it an annual January show; so rather than wait another 16 months, they got it together in four. Last time was only moderately successful for us, but we had fun, and it's easy to get to. We arrived Friday afternoon with Pete and Paul and set up our newly painted banner.

The show kicked off Friday night with a preview and a few presentations. We attended a demo by the folks at Hi-Fi Colour Design, got some insight into the production process, and, even jaded Photoshop pros that we are, learned a few new tricks.

Saturday was the big day. Started off slow but it picked up, and we had a great time. Since had Paul mentioned it the day before, we had it in our heads to go to Alice Cooper's Town for dinner. Thinking it might be busy, called ahead to see about reservations; they don't take them, but it seemed like it wouldn't be a problem since "the monster truck crowd has pretty much cleared out."

Turns out the restaurant is right in the US Airways Center neighborhood, where we could hear the monster trucks. Lucked into a parking space and went to the restaurant.

Yep, it's a mix of rock and sports. Dark and industrial, servers in makeup, what I'm guessing was a local hardcore band out on the patio. And, as Monica spotted, the United Federation of Planets logo on the wall.

We had been trying to catch up with Amanda all day, and after a series of cell phone follies, we were going to try to meet at Lux Coffee Bar downtown. By the time we arrived, she and Tom had gone, but we stuck around for a few minutes (they were closing down). It's a cool little place. And they had this on their refrigerator:

Monica finally managed to catch up with Amanda for lunch on Sunday.

Flew back home Sunday evening.

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