My Commute Made Me Laugh

OK, first, a few things about my morning commute:
  1. It starts off at the very beginning of Guadalupe, right at the end of the highway, so cars tend to be moving pretty fast there;
  2. At Paseo de Peralta, I get into the left turn lane. I think the timing's been off; 8+ cars used to make it through the left turn arrow but for a few weeks there, only 4 or so did. I can go straight and take a different route, but it seems like it's been corrected;
  3. The Santa Fe New Mexican has guys selling papers at the major intersections around downtown, including by that left turn lane at Paseo de Peralta;
  4. It snowed last night, about 3" and there was hardly any plowing. It had melted by noon today, but it was still slippery and slidey this morning.
So, I make the turn onto Guadalupe then, traveling around the speed limit because of the conditions. Not fast enough for the pickup that comes up on me. He passes me and then cuts back in front, just in time to get in front of me at the left turn lane (this is in the space of about a quarter-mile).

There's maybe a half-dozen cars waiting to turn, and just as I pull up the light turns green. But nobody's moving. Then I see a bunny dart out from the line of cars, and the paper guy running along. The first few cars go, then the paper guy jumps in front of the pickup, motioning it to stop. He then chases the bunny out of the road, across the median, across the other lane, and back to Rosario Cemetery.

The light turned red before either of us made it.

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