A Little Atalaya

Sunday, headed for a little hike back up to Atalaya. Got it in my head when I was at St. John's on Saturday for their annual book sale. There were photos of previous years' in the paper — and, even though more books is the last thing we need now, I was thinking about the old days of the Goodwill Book Sale. And I knew this couldn't compare, but thought it'd be fun to check out. It started up at 10 on Saturday; I got there around noon and just followed the stream of people carrying bags and boxes of books to the location. The sale is held on the second floor of their library. And the pickings were pretty slim. It wasn't huge to begin with, but the crowd carrying armloads of books indicated that I was already too late. So all I came away with was a dollar copy of A Humument and the photos below. The library seems to still maintain a card catalog (along with the modern computer system), and an interesting policy on putting your feet up there.


I hit the trail a little before noon on Sunday, intending to just go for a while and then head back, aiming for a couple-three hours out, and not worrying about making it to the peak.

At the beginning of the route, the arroyo was running some with the snowmelt. I was a bit hung up on photographing the ice there.


Further up, there was still snow on the trail. It was pretty well packed along the "steep" route which made for slow going. I went for about 1:45 then headed back.

It seems I'm never up on Atalaya during nice weather.


This guy followed me for a bit on the way down.

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