I'm today's Find of the Day!

For those of you who don't know, Found magazine collects and publishes submissions of random, usually funny, often weird ephemera. They put out a magazine/book at irregular intervals, but also feature stuff on their website — including a "Find of the Day" on the home page, pulled from their huge collection of submitted photos, notes, and other miscellany.

Way back in March 2002, I submitted a note I found on Troy Street. Honestly, I thought they'd never use it. But I got an email late last night, alerting me that my "find" was going up on their website. Neat! Be sure to spend some time poking around, there's a lot of cool, weird, funny stuff there.



dj lil'e said...

AWESOME!!!! I love that magazine. I've sent them so much stuff!

pagalina said...

it took them more than four years to post it? pfbpft. still cool though