happy birthday, Bram!

Today is not only Labor Day, but also the day Bram has to spend on planes and in airports, traveling to his quarterly press check. Please give him some love in the comments, people.

[Photo by Evan Kafka]

4 September 1969


monica said...

I'll start: travel safe sweetie. Happy birthday — I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

MnDM said...

And we're the luckiest parents...

Happy Birthday

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Bram!!!

Ms P said...

Happy Birthday!

With love from Mary and Ruben!

jraphael said...

Happy birthday, Bram. Pplan to top off the brithday week with bourbon, Balticon, and friendly TSA service.

pagalina said...

happy happy!

dj lil'e said...

(to the tune of glory glory hallelujah):

happy happy happy birrrrthday
happy happy happy birrrrthday
happy happy happy birrrrthday
to you, to you, to you - ole! (my own little NM flair in there at the end...)

Paul said...


Happy Birthday!

Big hugs,