Hyde Park Circle Trail Hike Rained Out

Wanted to head up to the mountain to see what changes the recent rains have brought, but wasn't in the mood for anything too ambitious. The Circle Trail at Hyde Memorial State Park seemed like it would work out well.

It had been rainy last night, and this morning was cool and gray. But it had started to clear when we were heading out — until we started heading up into the mountains. Clouds hid the mountaintops, there was a bit of a breeze. The hike claims an elevation change of more than 1000', and it seemed to us that it was all happening right at the beginning. But pushing upwards gave us moments to stop, catch our breath, and enjoy the view, glad that we weren't doing this in the heat of the summer sun.

You can see the clouds. You read the title of this post. You know where this is going.

Sure enough, the little drops turned to big drops which turned into a not insubstantial rain. It rolled into the valleys, where you could still see the sun beyond.

When it started hailing, we turned and headed back the way we came.

We noted on the way up how the rains had washed out parts of the trail. On the way down, we got to see it in person. Thoroughly soaked, we found shelter at the visitor center, about an hour-and-a-quarter after setting out. Got into the — freshly washed (yes, I'm the reason it rained) — Golf and headed home to clean up and dry out.

Note: when those clouds around the mountain make it look like it's raining up there, it is.

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