public radio junkies

Bob Edwards is in town! He's promoting the addition of Bob Edwards Weekend to the KSFR Saturday morning lineup.

Bram has taken to listening to KSFR's Santa Fe Radio Cafe as he gets ready for work — interviews by Mary-Charlotte, broadcast live (usually, sometimes taped repeats) from the Santa Fe Baking Company. And today, there was that familiar voice. We assumed it was one of the taped shows because he was talking about his Edward R. Murrow book, which came out over a year ago. But then, he showed up later on Center Stage — the KSFR midday classical music show — for another interview.

His new show seems to be a weekly "best of" from his satellite radio show, in the style of Fresh Air Weekend. Last weekend was the first broadcast, featuring two half-hour interviews: one with Maureen Dowd (new book), and one with Bonnie Raitt (new album).

It's been over a year since the Bob Edward/NPR split (and all the surrounding brouhaha). Hooray for XM and PRI teaming up to bring him back to the (free) airwaves.


Bram said...

If KSFR had, y'know, like, publicized that interview or something beforehand, I so would've been at Santa Fe Baking Company. Don't think I wasn't still considering it, figuring that he'd go the full hour, but then they wrapped up the interview after the usual thirty minutes.

Turns out he's been in New Mexico for at least a few days, working on some sort of interview/documentary project.

Paul said...

Once again your friends at PRI (part of Minnesota Public Radio) filling the gaping radio void...

I have to say, MPR is really a treat, especially their new "alternative" station/feed 89.3 The Current.

Don't feel compelled to give them any money, however, since they are rolling in cash from all of their commercial success with Prairie Home Companion and Marketplace, etc.