Ojito Wilderness

Started Sunday morning with mutant-sized breakfast burritos at the Santa Fe Baking Company. Managed to score Mary-Charlotte's corner table:

The latest newsletter from the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance had an article featuring the most recently-designated wilderness area: Ojito Wilderness. It's only about 25 miles north-northwest of Albuquerque, as the crow flies, but the route took us down I-25, out 550, through Bernalillo, skirting the northernmost edges of Rio Rancho, then 11 miles of unpaved dirt road out onto public land near Zia Pueblo. The "Hoodoo-Pines" hike is recommended for its tent rock-like stacks and unusual-for-this-elevation Ponderosa pines.

Upon arriving, we set out along an old two-track:

The trail skirted north of the mesa, and kind of disappeared. There were trails of other footprints in the sand, though; easy enough to follow to the hoodoos:

At about halfway, we climbed up to a rock outcropping that was partway up the mesa. That's it above Bram:

Our view included the Jemez, Sandia, and Sangre de Christo Mountains.

(click for larger pic)

Headed back after about an hour; 2 hours overall.


Girl Please! said...

I think it's really cool that you get to do these hikes. I swear, I really need to take pics of my area. Nothing like the mountains but the small preserves near us are still pretty. Might even catch a horse.

monica said...

I think it's cool that Bram plans (and usually does all the driving to) these hikes. My contribution amounts to coming along and walking (and sometimes making the flufffernutter sammiches for a snack break).

I love my type-A husband. (He's working on our taxes as I type!)

Dick in Vernon said...

Spectacular pictures Bram. I loved them. BUT I'M GLAD YOU CLIMBED THOSE ROCKS and NOT ME! I forgot the word for it, but I have a terrible fear of heights. Then too, there must have been snakes somewhere around those rocks. And what is the word for the fear of snakes? Whatever it is, I have that also.

Bram said...

Haven't encountered any snakes yet — it might be too cool for them up here in Santa Fe. But our friends in Albuquerque have run into some rattlers at the base of the Sandia Mountains, which, come to think about it, is about the same elevation as this hike . . .

More of Monica's photos are over at Chamisa.