visit from D—

Due to insane amounts of rain last week on the east coast, D—'s flight out of Philly was delayed to such an extent that it would have left after her connecting flight from Dallas to Albuquerque. Bram followed her flight info on the Internet all morning, and was home for lunch when D— called from the airport, ready to kill anyone wearing a Continental logo, to tell us that she was going to have to travel Friday instead.

Drove down to the Albuquerque "Sunport" Friday evening, after Bram got off work, met D— at the airport with a travel mug full o' margarita. Proceeded on to Zia Diner for some comfort food.

Kind of grey weather. We started off at the Farmers Market (still roasting chiles) and then headed up to Bandelier National Monument. Did the main loop trail, which starts at the Visitor Center and leads through excavated archeological sites and up along the cliff walls and caves.

Then we walked about half a mile up the canyon to the big cave, which is about 140 feet off the ground and reached via a series of ladders and steps. Along the way, we saw a couple of Abert's squirrels:

D— on the climb up, almost to the cave:

We had our fluffernutter sandwiches at the top. Here's a view from the cave:

Started to rain on the way back. Cold and wet. Decided to stop for hot drinks at Starbucks in Los Alamos. Then back home, and later, dinner at Harry's Roadhouse. Super yummy food, and we got the table next to the kiva!

Much sunnier. Brunch at Cafe Pasqual's, shopping for fetishes at Keshi, kicking around the Plaza. Late afternoon drinks + snacks at La Fonda:

photo by D—

Thus fortified, we headed up to the Folk Art Museum up on Museum Hill. There were Day of the Dead festivities just wrapping up as we got there; kite making (?), sugar skull decorating, pan de los muertos for snacking. Mmmmm... bread of the dead... (actually nice brioche-type sweet rolls, not scary at all) Finished up as the Museum(s) were closing (5:00 pm), spent some time out out on the plaza there, enjoying the sun, and the sculptures, and the views:

Dinner at home (pork loin, potatoes, roasted acorn squash).

D— was originally going to fly home on Monday, but managed to get her tickets changed (without penalty!) because of the colossal screw-ups from her trip out. So, after Bram headed off to work, D— and I went to Jackalope, then met up with Bram for lunch at The Shed. Mmmmm... red chile...

One of the things she'd originally scheduled for Friday was a few hours of pampering at Ten Thousand Waves. Luckily, D— was able to re-book for Monday, so I dropped her off there after lunch. When I picked her up later, I needed a bucket to pour her into the car.

Dinner at Cowgirl:

photo by D—

Drove D— back to ABQ, via the turquoise trail. Left early, so we were able to stop for a few photos here and there, and to poke around Madrid a bit.


jraphael said...

Yeah, yeah, that's all fine, but what is D_ READING now?

monica said...

?? eh?

well, when she was here, we made her read Year One ...