Cracking Movie, Gromit

Made it out yesterday to see Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Been waiting for it for years, and, as expected, enjoyed it a great deal. Solid, through and through, nothing wasted (as one would expect with such a labor-intensive production).

Unfortunately, in their weekend of triumph, there was some bad news for folks at Aardman.

The Wrong Trousers is still my favorite.


andy said...

We actually went as Maddy has become a big fan. It was a little scary for her.I thinkt he originals shorts are superior but that may only reflect my own short attention span.

jraphael said...

We took our two older girls on Saturday. They sort of liked it.

andy said...

from the source...Maddy's teacher asked her if she like the movie..."not so much"

AJ said...

Took my 4-year old. I think I agree with the lot: it's good, but not quite as charming as the originals. My son really enjoyed the Penguins.