Apple Picking

Sunday found us heading out with Kathy for some apple picking.

Started out heading south on The Turquoise Trail to San Marcos Café, probably about 15-20 minutes out of town. Combination small, funky restaurant and feed store, complete with various fowl (roosters, chickens, peacocks/hens, turkeys) wandering the grounds. Good food. We'll have to return with bigger appetites.

From there, cut across the washboard dirt roads and picked up the interstate, exited by Cochiti Lake, and continued on to Pena Blanca.

The end of the road drops you, kind of nestled in among a couple mesas, at Dixon's Apples. An unexpected setting, an apple orchard in the desert, but pretty spectacular. It's apparently a big local destination, and there were plenty of families there, getting apples. We picked a bag of Sparkling Burgundy — more specifically, we picked one up; it's not one of those pick-your-own places. We split it with Kathy, and now we got pie cooling in the kitchen.

Yeah, we left the camera behind.


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jraphael said...

Mmmmm. Apple pie. New wallpaper!