Friday Evening on Canyon Road

Not techically the last Friday of summer, but it kinda felt like it. Even with days still in the 90s, autumn's undeniably in the air (and in the light). My favorite time of year, if it wasn't followed by winter.

I spent the morning and early afternoon sorting through and organizing wood type in the new 12 Tons shop. Only had to open that Shop Vac once to get a piece of type out.

Some late-afternoon rains kept Monica from her walk to Canyon Road, though made for a beautiful sky and cool breezes.

We stopped by Beals & Abbate to visit for a few minutes and to enjoy their opening. Then to Matthews Gallery for Jamie's annual show opening.

Above: Jamie and Turner, another insanely talented artist. Jamie's been returning to some landscapes; we left empty-handed, despite being pursued by one of the gallery staff who retrieved this from the back room for Monica to see.

A short stroll to the El Zaguan space for the launch of Dom's Gubernatorial run. It started off as an art project, but might be growing into something more …? When he shared this with me before the event, an image sprang immediately to mind:

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andy said...

Ican/Cando great slogan. I visited website but can figure out if (1) satire (2) crazy santa fe politics (3) traditional politics aka catering to the base.

The captcha looks like your house.