Doggy Dip

After years of finding out days late — and, apparently, years of it not happening — we finally were able to plan for the annual Doggy Dip, where dogs are allowed in the pool before it's closed for the season.

And that's the one photo of Cheyenne in the big lap pool. She was among the first dogs in, walked right up to the edge, pawed at the water and fell in. Arose paddling furiously back for the ledge and Ben helped her out. She was so stunned by the experience that she just wandered around for a few minutes before shaking herself off in front of one of our neighbors.

After much time, coaxing, and treats, we got her out into the middle of the kiddie pool. Interpret her body language yourself. Eventually she found a shady spot and engaged in her favorite activity.

Jim and Koo Koo joined us; Koo was not quite as traumatized by the water but, I think, shared in Cheyenne's confusion about why anybody would seek it out.

Dogs all around having a great time — some just even running around in the grass. The retriever-oids pretty much dominated the big pool with endless games of fetch. Herding dogs of various sorts running toys and dogs down in and out of the water. Pugs in vests, a mutt with a mohawk, and a tripod Malamute/Dire Wolf mix who, in his ill health, just wanted so badly to swim.

This summer had too few days goofing off outside, so this was a welcome outing. More photos from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society — the organizer of and beneficiary of the event — at Public Information Officer Ben Swan's Google+ page.

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M and D M said...

Which is why the preferred "sport" for Greyhounds is racing, not synchronized swimming.