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Found this out in the yard this morning. That's right, the same dog who does this, even when there's not thunder.


liz said...

Eew! Found the name of the jpg very amusing, though :)

Bram said...

Well, what else would one name it?

-gary- said...

Maybe "viewer discretion advised" would be good.

Just wondering...once a dog has been "skunked" she might be incented to AVOID these lovable fuzz-balls...ya think?!

Bram said...

@ Gary —

Well, she gets a warm shower (which isn't all that bad), a whole bunch of peanut butter, a vigorous toweling off, and then a walk. All that plus chasing small furry things, that's pretty awesome.

-gary- said...

Bram: Ahhh...I see. warm shower...endless peanut butter..I'm IN! Bring on LePew!