Fourth and Fifth Grillings

No photos.

Just latched on to Bittman's 101 Recipes for Fast Grilling (over there under "Enjoying", too). Yesterday was a day around the house, catching up on stuff and preparing for ACE this coming weekend. Especially for this early in the season, brutally hot — hot enough to start up the air conditioning, and that my note for "chix something" on the night's menu started to mean "grill outside."

Ducked over to the co-op for a tomato to make #38, "Call it grilled chicken Parm." I was dubious about how evenly it'd cook, but it went real well, with some shredded cheese, tomato slices, adobo, herbs, and olive oil in the middle. What we've learned: make sure the chicken's pounded out evenly, try the TJ's chopped sundried tomatoes for the filing, and see if some olive oil and salt on the outside will work.

And then on a shopping trip — after finally seeing The Avengers* today — went for makin's for #50, "Grilled tuna ni├žoise." Though the too-hot day turned to a smattering of rain and became less painful by early evening, stuck with the grilling plan. Lessons learned there: don't worry about undercooking the tuna; microwaving the potatoes and then finishing on the grill's a technique we should be using more; and needs to be served on a bed of greens.

* Pretty darned near flawless, according to this fanboy.

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