New Shelves, Completed

Since Mon was getting some good photos for Jim's Web site, here are the finished shelves:

Click for much larger; seemed a shame to waste all that high-res Photoshop work.

And for the truly bored curious Raph, here's how it's arranged; left to right, top to bottom:
  • McSweeneys 4, 6, 7, 10, 13–19 (2 is on the signed shelf; unsure what happened to the rest); wedding pottery from Kevin and Amy, all relocated from the living room, making space for a couple Lydias
  • painting Joey gave us as thanks for a drafting table years ago
  • Emigre 16–32
  • gardening books; tin of seeds
  • home decorating/repair books
  • assorted fiction
  • turned wood bowl from Ange + Gary; two pottery bowls made by my grandfather
  • the looted art library; reproduction Eastern European icon
  • assorted travel books; Drac-in-a-Box
  • to-read shelf
  • trade paperbacks
  • trade paperbacks
  • trade paperbacks
  • trade paperbacks
  • trade paperbacks
  • trade paperbacks with room for expansion; Spinney and Critter
  • trade paperbacks
  • oversized comics
  • paperback books, mostly guilty pleasures

It's best not to look too closely at what's behind the doors, but at least one is collectible magazines.

Another view here; and since she was doing all the staging and rephotographing, a new one of the table Jim made a couple years back


Raphael said...

Essential Moon Knight stands out

Bram said...

It does, doesn't it? After Bone, probably the single thickest spine. Kind of gives a misleading picture …