Annual Presidents' Day Hike

This year, on a co-worker's recommendation (and with her directions), headed over to the Dale Ball South trail by the Audubon Center, via the store closing store at Borders.

Up and up and over: 29 to 30; a little jog up 32, but returned via the loop at 31; nothing level. Sunny, but still cool, but the terrain alternately had me in sun or shade, sweating or slipping on snow. Just shy of an hour-and-a-half.

The traditional posed portrait here; the treats got her in front of the camera, but not facing it.


John& said...

I like this tradition. This also happens to be one of our favorite hikes; not too strenuous. Good to see Cheyenne hiking it, too, that means there is hope for Walter and Jeff.
heidi + john

Bram said...

Cheyenne, you give her a trail and she just goes. Doubling back, as we did on this loop, she might stop to sniff and poke around like a dog. But with a path in front of her, she just drives on, disdainful of the monkeys attached to her who half to stop and breathe and drink water and stuff.

Bram said...

"have" ... geez, how did that happen?