Stuff This Weekend

After a slow start, spent the Saturday taking the dog places.

The GCNM meet and greet, Petco for dog food, and then, 'cause we were needing a break, C.G. Higgins for a snack.

Knocked a few things off the to-do list, including arranging our trip to Austin for STAPLE and my trip to Connecticut at the end of March.

And then Sunday, we left her to staff the 7000 BC table at the Albuquerque Comic Con. A brand-new show, we had no idea what to expect — but we heard that Saturday's attendance exceeded everyone's expectations and that sales were amazing. Sunday was a bit slower, but still a terrific time, the crowd was great, a bunch of intersted folks, and we might've set a new sales record. Photos, mostly by Pete (like the one above), and mostly of the costumes that came by, at 7000 BC's Flickr stream.

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