Souper Bowl Saturday

Our first time at an annual event here in Santa Fe — the Souper Bowl, a fundraising competition for The Food Depot held before the big game. Jon and Susanne invited us along to check it out this year.

Day started with a quick stop by an estate sale, one that Monica and a coworker had visited the day before. The home of an architect, it was interesting to see; a few finds, but nothing too exciting.

Downtown to see the A Noble Legacy: The USS “New Mexico” exhibit that opened last weekend. A WWII-era battleship, long decommissioned, and a new submarine bear the state's name.

Two scale models are the centerpiece of the exhibit, with scale silhouettes down the hallway.

With some time still, visited with James in The Palace Print Shop. Catching up, finding out a new-ish addition is a platen press manufactured by Colt back in the ol' hometown (well, next to the ol' hometown).

The Souper Bowl was pretty huge, in the ballroom at the Convention Center.

Turned out to be manageable, but those little cups of soup add up pretty quickly; I don't think any one of us were able to sample all the offerings. There a little over an hour, running into friends, eating soup. So much soup. By the time we were voting, a general consensus had emerged on our favorites.

Walk back to the car took us by the Gaga for the Holidays display at Design Warehouse that I somehow missed these past months. First I've heard of them, so look forward to what Sojourn Collective does next.

Back to Jon and Susanne's. Where we made it through Zardoz.

Today? Working to get back into making comics this year, and that stop at the Print Shop was inspirational … but I've been getting jealous of the organization Raph's been bringing to his library. Maybe the bookshelves?

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