I guess, technically burglarized, since we weren't there.

Yeah, this blog pretty much covers the highlights, the fun stuff we do in Santa Fe. But the dark side of this town is unavoidable — and we became a statistic today.

The desktop computer, speakers, and external hard drive; the SLRs; the old digital camera; some pieces of jewelry. The laptop; iPod; and new digital were with me, though the cord to it to connect the computer was not. If I've set everything up right — and this is a Hell of a way to test it — all the data from the desktop should be backed up offsite. A lot of things were overlooked but, let's face it, we don't have much of value.

Right now it's the frustration and the cleaning up; most drawers were pulled and tossed. When I first got home, there were a few minutes of real panic when the dog was nowhere to be found; eventually, calming, it occurred to me that it was odd that the spare bedroom door was closed when everything else in the house was opened. There she was, and we were able to summon back our neighbors who were out searching. In those first hours, that helped give us perspective.

And just over 12 hours until Andy and Liz arrive.


Stacy said...

Oh shit that really sucks!!!!!Need anything?

Bram said...

We're OK. Thanks (and to everyone else) for your wishes. Having Andy and Liz here has been great — getting out and enjoying what we have.

So as not to potentially spoil that, still haven't looked into the backup. Please say a prayer for all our data ....