Cheyenne, Not So Sure About This Zozobra Thing

Opted to watch Zozobra on one of the new digital channels this year, after bringing Whole Hog to M+D (and returning with many, many … so many peaches they'd been picking at the house they're sitting).

Anyway, the sound seemed to be plugged directly into the PA, so there was no crowd noise (kind of weird) and Old Man Gloom's moans were really loud. Which sort of freaked the dog out. Our assurances that he was about to meet a fiery end didn't help.

Coverage, including some multimedia, at the New Mexican and, of all places, the WSJ (via Andy).

Update: and more coverage at the LAT (as of Sunday morning, the main story on the home page). Big news this year, apparently.

Further update: and at SFReeper.

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