unofficial take-your-dog-to-work half-day

Had a half-day the day before Christmas, and my coworker Natalie was hankerin' to bring her dog Jess into the office. At her last job, Natalie brought Jess to work with her every day.

Jess: how could you say "no" to this face?

Not so much here, where dog-bringing-in is officially verboten. But people sometimes do — it's more of a don't ask, don't tell, don't poop in the courtyard policy. But since the office would be pretty deserted right before the holiday, and we had no deadlines...

I decided to bring Cheyenne, since all everyone at the office has heard about from me lately is how much I want a greyhound, and we filled out an application, and we're going to look at one on Saturday, and zomfg! we brought that doggie home, we have a dog now! omg omg!

My other coworker Susan, brought in Queenie, the younger (and more active) of her two Aussie cattle dogs. They all got along great. It was fun to see Cheyenne with the other dogs. If they walked around, she followed them. If someone came in to our suite, she had to go check it out. Everyone told her how pretty she was, and ooh-ed an ahh-ed over her. One coworker said she looked "like a Chagall painting."

Clockwise from top left: Susan, Natalie, Jess, Queenie, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne meets my boss, David.

Susan talking to Queenie in my office, Cheyenne is baffled

Sacked out briefly on the pile of blankets I brought. Yeesh, that rug is really bright.


pagalina said...

boy, she can really fold herself up tidily! hey monica are you on facebook? I've been chatting with tony, jim and simone over there!

Tess said...

Mon and Bram,

We all agreed that doggie Playdates at the office should be standard!

Cheyenne deserves you two and you two deserve her - congratulations!


T,P, Audrey and Pogo