Some Snow

Woke up this morning to some snow on the ground and some still coming down. Not too unusual for the past few days — one weatherman described what was going on as kind of monsoon season, but with snow. Around sunset, clouds roll in; there may be some precipitation, there may not; it may just be in the mountains, or it may be in town; it may be rain, it may be snow. We've started a couple mornings with a dusting.

But there was a bit more than usual. And it kept coming down. And continued to all day. As of around 5:00 today, probably about 4-5" on the ground:

Still snowing now. A Winter Storm Warning in effect until Wednesday, but it's not supposed to accumulate too much below 7500'. We'll see.

By way of contrast, today Colin (in Bermuda) sent some photos of him boating around this summer.

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