Canyon Road with Joan + Ken

We had Joan + Ken over for a late breakfast this morning and lingered at our place for a while, talking. Then, because they'd done the lower half of Canyon Road earlier in the week, we set out to cover the rest.

As it turns out, they'd covered probably more than half the distance, but probably not more than half the galleries. We strolled around and into the galleries for several hours, then headed to The Tea House for a little break from all the visual stimulation. Going along Canyon Road and just treating each gallery as a little museum that you can spend as much or as little time in as you'd like is a lot of fun, but it still can be a bit overwhelming.

We dashed over to Keshi to make sure Joan + Ken knew about it. We arrived right as it closed, but they let us in for a few minutes to poke around. And then we headed out to round out the day with a taco dinner at Bert's La Taqueria.

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