Brunch at Cowgirl, Summer In The Dark

Some yardwork first thing Sunday morning, then headed over to Cowgirl for their Gospel Brunch. Heard that Joe West was going to be performing outside there. We weren't the only ones; greeted by a full patio and the warning that they had no idea when a table might free up because people tended to linger, we sat inside. Could still hear some of the music.

A hearty breakfast, then off to Summer In The Dark, Santa Fe's 10th annual film noir festival.

Been hearing about it on Cinema Talk, a regular Friday fixture on The Journey Home on KSFR. And thought we should check it out, having just finished our "superhero noir" series . They recommended just showing up for whatever show you could and, not really knowing anything about the movies, did just that.

We wound up at Shock Corridor. Kind of not what we were expecting — but the Cinema Talk guys had noted (and it seems to make sense, in retrospect) that noir movies were labeled after the fact. It wasn't a movement or anything, just a bunch of films that seemed to have a number of things in common when you looked back after a few years. And though this was lacking guns, a femme fatale, and a lot of smoking, the tale of an investigative reporter who feigns insanity to uncover a murder in an asylum meets the criteria. There were moments where the entire audience laughed out loud at parts that weren't supposed to be funny, but there was still some undeniably good stuff in there.

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